Monday, September 13, 2004

Hi, Gurn Blensden:

Too tired to write much, really. So tired, everything seems dark and bad, dry and isolated. But it's only because I'm tired from partying super hard for two days at a sleepaway-camp wedding, between justin and shannon.

i owe justin and shannon more than they know; they unwittingly have been a part of important romantic moments for me, and my supercherry washer/dryer also comes form them originally.

seeing them get married felt very natural and right and i felt love hanging in the air all around me like golden pears, which i plucked regularly and shared with my friends.

more later perhaps on the specifics and the photos of the wedding and all that. let's say that it was, for me, the party of the year, involving singing and playing guitar until six am; witnessing numerous meteors; interpretive dance; trespassing on blair witch lands; cute boys; heavy rich talks; memories of my youth and my future (yes, memories of my future) mingling lightheartedly like friends at a barn dance.

i'm so lucky





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