Tuesday, September 21, 2004

sometimes you go out when you don't really feel like it and it sucks. sometimes, you go to the magic castle and you remember how magical life is, underneath all the reasons to forget, and beneath all the words of all the people who have forgotten, and who kind of wish you'd forget too.

the magic castle is one of the things that deeply right with l.a.

1. the magic castle

2. the new beverly cinema

3. dodger stadium

4. the rustic

5. beverly hot springs

6. griffith park

7. elysian park

8. hollywood bowl

9. the mayan theater

10. hotel figueroa

11. santa monica pier

12. that seafood place on pch north of malibu

these are but a few.

this trip to the magic castle was so soulfully energizing, i may consider starting a whole new ritual. here's the idea for the ritual:

every month when it comes pms time, when i can't make a single decision even about which socks to wear, and the solitude of my house is more than i can bear, yet i can't imagine where to go, i will do what i did sunday night: i will go somewhere totally weird and new (to me) in l.a. and have an adventure.

it is the pms adventure concept.

i think an adventure is a good way to distract oneself from a restless foggy brain.



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