Wednesday, September 15, 2004

i should be at the tsar show but my stommy won't let me, cuz of bad chinese food last night. oops! instead i been in bed watching the world music awards which is basically where they give badges to the biggest sellouts. such a parade of decay and sickness i have not seen in a while. latoya jackson and scott weiland provided the damage factor proudly while avril didn't even seem to know they were making fun of her by jokingly comparing her to black flag and the sex pistols.

i thought if i smoked two cigs it would move things along inside me and it kind of did, but not enough. i should probably just try to go to sleep and see if the morning is kind.

they may be a bunch of creepy midgets but i'll say this: no one at the awards lip-synched except hillary duff and i expect we should all be grateful.

rock on tsar!



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