Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hi Kids!

I missed my old blog today, so i just decided for the heck of it to bring it back for a day. I missed the star.

My pink blog is still there, at this location.

Can you even believe how hot it is today? We're finally getting into the real heart of the heat, the time of year when earthquakes incubate like babies under the ground and the dry wind blows straight into you. Good weather for drying up acne and hanging laundry.

Speaking of laundry, shit. My friend Julio gave me his washer-dryer. It's really fancy and stacky. I have never had my own laundry in my life, except growing up. having my own laundry is a huge change in my life. Somehow, one of the most powerfully soothing sounds in life is the sound of laundry in a dryer. The ticking of buttons against the metal, or the thumping of sneakers. it reminds me of a happy feeling, when i'm loved.

But it doesn't end there: my landlady is also long-term loaning me her fancy ass espresso machine. I feel like such a cool girl. I have a garden and coffee and laundry. oh, wow.

Have you heard the Kanye West song "Jesus Walks"? It's really good. I feel like this kind of music is exactly what we need in pop music right now (among other things)--a combination between catchiness and topical relevance. Rock has gotten so dislocated from real life--which you need, to an extent. But enough is enough.

speaking of real life, i'm going to walk my dog and show him a good time.


lots of love,


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