Monday, March 10, 2003

Hey Freaks!

Forgot another really rad form of procrastinating: Google vanity searches. When I'm about to write an article and feel like a huge dumb loser who should really get a job at Twisty's Rad Pretzel Hut, I waste an hour or so sifting through every last goddamn entry on Google with my name in it. (Pathetical, I know.) Far as I can tell there are only seven Kate Sullivans in America, and four of them are journalists. One of them even wrote something in Seventeen on the White Stripes. Spookalicious!

One is a TV person in Tucson or some shit. One is a college kid at Columbia who writes exactly like me but better. One is a public health official and one is a singer-songwriter who does an Edith Piaf show. Then there's ye olde Kate Sullivan Elementary School in Tallahassee, and anyone who sends me one of their Kate Sullivan "Rock With Pride" T-shirts will get mad sexual favors. From Kate Sullivan the health official. (She knows more about safe sex than I do.)

Oh yeah, there's also a geologist ("rock" on!) and a high school volleyball genius. Spike it!

Um, yeah, there's also a Scientologist. Boo!

I usually type into the search engine some shit like "Kate Sullivan + rock" (or "Kate Sullivan + [this one guy I like] and get about 10,000 links to my blog, plus a lot of Matt Welch and old Ken Layne and Tony Pierce stuff. Thank God for friends. But tonight I didn't feel so lame because I got a link to a Weezer website. It turns out I'm listed in the liner notes for "Maladroit." Sure, there's about 546 names there, but still. I'm just trying to figure out what they're thanking me for. (The Columbian coke? The blow jobs? The tiny robot monkey? :) And why "Maladroit"? The Green Album was the one I wrote about. Maybe they're thanking Kate Sullivan the Scientologist.

I didn't even buy "Maladroit"--Axel burned me a copy. I feel bad. In a cool way.

Sorry for name-dropping.

I have about 10 really weird and interesting cds I just received in the mail, which I will listen to and then tell you about. One is the Special Goodness, the =W= spinoff band. One is a new record by the freaking Buzzcocks, no kidding.

If you can think of a better band name than the Buzzcocks, I'd sure like to hear it.

Anyway, the whole vanity-search thing made me feel like such a jerk for being lazy and boring and lifestylish and me-me-me in this blog. I mean, it's supposed to at least tangentially relate to music, right? I'm sorry. Here's my penance.

I will write more about music on my blog.

I will write more about music on my blog.

I will write more about music on my blog.

I will write more about music on my blog.

I will write more about music on my blog.

I will write more about music on my blog.

Fuck it,


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