Saturday, March 01, 2003

I'll Take the Alphabet:

So two major things. One, it's a little strange, but I didn't know that Mister Rogers was dead yesterday. I was just loving him, and thinking about what a great man he is, or was, because Jim had sent me an email about him.

The other thing is, I am hereby revoking my whole-hearted opposition to the war. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm not sure anymore what I think. I am not going to any more protests for the time being. I think that Stinky McMustache is as bad as Hitler. He's just a bag of trouble.

Tonight I painted my kitchen lavender and had a Weezer discographic festival. Weezer is one of the greatest bands on the planet. Just found out that the commander of the space shuttle, Willie McCool (can you say rad name?), was a Weezer freak. Here's what Karl Koch wrote on the Weeze website:

"As you must know by now, Space Shuttle Columbia on mission STS-107 broke up while descending to Earth for its landing yesterday, killing all 7 astronauts on board. While everyone grieves for their families and mourns the tragic loss, the weezer community also feels the particular loss of the pilot, Commander Willie McCool. As reported on 1/15, Willie was a huge music and weezer fan, and brought his trusty blue album on the flight not only to listen to, but in hopes of getting a neat picture to contribute to upon his return..."

There is a picture on the Weeze website of the Blue album floating inside the shuttle, but they don't know if it's real or not.

sniffle snuffle xo


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