Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Hi Peppermint Patty:

Samantha Soma sent me this link, where you can send a letter to a soldier. It's a Dear Abby thing.

Thanks, Samantha.

Matt Welch posted a great link to Sgt. Stryker's blog, which itself links to numerous groups helping troops. My favorite link of all is TroopTrax, a group devoted to sending music to soldiers. They're taking CDs and magazines and batteries, probably portable cd players too, I'd imagine.

At the moment Talk Of The Nation is airing an awesome discussion of this very subject, talking to family members of soldiers. One woman says her daughter is in Iraq and she is caring for her grandchild. She said she supports the soldiers completely, yet feels this war is an oil for blood proposition, unnecessarily jeopardizing the lives of soldiers. It is so weird to hear military families speaking out like this. I heard something similar on KPFK, a couple whose son is in Iraq who are participating in civil disobedience against the war, trying to explain that it is possible to support soldiers and oppose war. In fact, from a parent's point of view, these may be part of the same thing.

Just heard on the radio a sound-montage of family members of soldiers, some grieving for their dead sons, some unable to mask the worry in their voices for children still alive. And then, at the end of the montage, the voice of Donald Rumsfeld claiming that "we are mindful of our fallen soldiers." His was the only voice that was devoid of emotion. I couldn't believe that he actually understood what he was talking about. This is the guy who has a plaque on his desk stating that war is the noblest "sport" known to man.

It's weird how this war is happening in a Bible place. You know, Eden and everything. The Garden of Eden, containing the tree of knowledge. The source of our divinity--and our humanity.

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