Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Hi Space Face:

Times like these, music means more than ever. After 9/11, various music writers wrote about how that experience had rendered pop music, and their livelihoods, sort of temporarily meaningless. Jed the Fish said something similar to me about his job at KROQ.

The truth, however, is just the opposite. People, and maybe young people especially, turn to music at times like this in a more intense way than normal, for all sorts of reasons, and they need music that's going to stand up to the intensity of their feelings. Doesn't have to be political. And they turn to radio, or at least they used to, with special yearnings. Radio's special qualities shine at times like this. I mean, they would, if the laws allowed them to.

Maybe I should just talk about myself though and not other people, since I really don't know about what other people feel. All I know is, I want to listen to real music that dreams of a world of peace and magic. When an artist makes art like this, he or she actually helps to make that world happen. It's very crazy but it's true. So right now I feel a deeper life in happy punk rock like the Ramones, or heartfelt rainbow-harmonied superpop like ELO, or even liberational party rock like the Donnas, or the striving audacity of our friends Tsar. Music that is proud to be passionate and pleasure-seeking, music that's ready to be torn apart by cynics, and survive anyway--that's music that speaks to my heart and reflects the world I wish we lived in.

I believe we can make the world more beautiful. The way we do that is to be more beautiful. You know, the golden rule and all. The catch with the golden rule is this: It only works if you really love yourself.

If you do, and you can share it with someone who needs it, you are making the world more beautiful in infinite ways we can't hardly measure.



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