Sunday, March 30, 2003

hey now rock stars

i heard smashmouth's "all star" today on radio disney's Top 30 and man what a cool song. just in terms of the chords, the melody, even some of the lyrics. i really need to learn that on geetar.

i'm tipsy on mexican beer from a BBQ in my building's courtyard. in fact, i'm about to go back and rejoin. fuck work. there's boys down there and everything. plus it's hot and dry tonight and there's stars.

i've been mum cuz everything going on in my world falls under the Non-blogopossible heading: firstly, there's the super-sick dog thing, which really takes 90 percent of my heart and mind these days and which I haven't mentioned at all because it's deadly boring (combining two of the biggest bloggy no-nos: dog talk and medical talk). Then there's the boy stuff, which is way-way off the blogopossible spectrum. In fact it's not even something I speak about in real life. it's like that, you know.

then there's my new haircut, which is so rock i think it needs to go out and start a band, and get laid, i'll just sit here at home. it's really out of control. it's so hip it hurts. i take absolutely none of the credit whatsoever; it was the vision of my haircutter, Shannon. this haircut is an expression of her inner rock star. i'm just the conduit.

so it's time to take a break from the blog and live some life, because it's being served to me almost faster than i can eat it, and i wouldn't want to be rude and insult the host.



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