Monday, March 17, 2003

Y to the O to the Baby Baby Pants:

Went to Mars for a minute. It's hot there. Hot and rocky. Plus, there's all kinds of lizards. Which would be fine, except these ones just wanna talk your ear off about the stupidest shit. I mean, you're on your way to some important engagement, and they kind of grab your sleeve with a claw and say, "Mind if I bend your ear a minute?" and then without even waiting for an answer they just start jawing about the stupid weather and public transportation. They wear these old geezer golf hats too. You're like, Um, excuse me? I have a life? On Mars? And I have something better to do than sit here listening to you yammer on about tennis balls?

These damn lizards.

So let's see. What has happened since Wednesday. Matt and Manu had a BBQ in their new house, which was rad. I wish I could have stayed into the night but my dog is sick. Anyway it was a treat to eat lemon meringue pie, drink a beer and wear an inner tube. Have you ever worn an inner tube around your waist? It's shockingly comfortable. You can put stuff on it, like your beer. I guess that's kind of a Homer thing. Just wear an inner tube all the time to put your beer and stuff on it.


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