Saturday, March 06, 2004


i'm tolly sick. it's making everything go gooey in the brain. can't write or anything. i'm becoming ever more obsessed with jeff barry and, now, his old best friend, bert burns, whom i just discovered, who wrote both "twist and shout" and, holy radness, "hang on sloopy." anyone who knows me knows how much that song means. it means just about everything.

bert burns produced van morrison's "brown-eyed girl" the same year, and on the same label, that jeff barry produced neil diamond's "cherry cherry" etc. bang records. this is why they sound the same. but i already bored my brother and his twisted friend v. about all this.

thanks you guys, if you're reading, for listening to me so patiently. it turns out i was delirious with fever. you know how it goes.

touching you 'cause you're touching me,



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