Wednesday, March 10, 2004

what more could i want? i'm inside with my new raindrops CD, and i just don't know what to do with myself. i feel i've discovered the dead sea scrolls of american pop music. i don't know where to begin with the beauty and the love. but i definitely see now how the beach boys and the beatles were growing off the same shoot. but who cares about them; i've got the raindrops!

it's girl power in its raw form; i never knew the beatles and the beach boys had such girl power roots but oh how they do. the raindrops weren't a girl group like the ronettes: ellie greenwich cowrote all the songs, for real, with jeff barry, and she coproduced, and she sang with such a tough cool voice, so offhand rock 'n' roll like with a smoke hanging on her lip and a casual flip in her hip. she was so tough.

anyway, i just read the cutest thing in this book. it's an interview with donovan, recalling the trip he made to india with the beatles. just one more reason to love john lennon:

"It was 1968 in India, we were all gathered together in the Maharishi's bungalow, four Beatles, one Beach Boy, Mia Farrow, and me. Maharishi was sitting cross-legged on the floor, but the rest of us were all still standing around as we'd just arrived. Anyway, there was a kind of embarrassed hush in the room and John Lennon--always the funny one--decided to break the silence, so he walked up to the Maharishi, patted him on the head, and quietly said, "There's a good guru."

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