Tuesday, March 02, 2004

i know i'm being a jerk. look, it's a situation, ok? it doesn't mean i don't love you. you know that.

i was watching a show on sex changes and they were talking to a man who had just started injesting the substance which shapes my psyche most--estrogen. he said he immediately felt "the mood swings" and started crying at a phone commercial. welcome to my world, little man, i said. if every man could take estrogen for just a week, i think we'd have a much more interesting world. i think men would understand, for a moment, why women are such an enigma. estrogen is the chemical signature of female beauty, intellectual complexity and, you know, our certain je ne sais what.

and now i got to go. i'm sorry for being absent. i've been doing "work" and taking care of myself and sleeping and gardening, and doing important preparations for a spring revival. i am already in love with the coming spring, and it's barely begun. but isn't our city goddamn beautiful in the spring? try and tell me we don't have seasons. open your eyes and your hands and feel the air against your palms. this is spring.



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