Sunday, March 07, 2004

even more delirious now, so everything seems tweaky. like did it seem weird yesterday when i signed off with that quote from the darkness song? it was meant to be a nonsequiter, and i like it because it reminds me of "sweet caroline" by neil diamond, when he goes, "warm touching warm, reaching out, touching me, touching you!"

this day is amazing. is summer beginning? it's good to be delirious on a day like this. you just sit outside on a step in the sun and think of nothing and let the time eddy around you. now i'm eating macadamia nuts. they are a superior nut.

so. it's getting to be guitar season, too.

possibly, doing dishes season.

i never told you about seeing the corvids--they were fun, man! ken always looks drunk and troubled onstage--but genuinely so. i like that in a country rock singer.

the band that followed them were a surprise--a local band, the faces meet motley crue, essentially, and shockingly good for a local band you've never heard of. they're called chelsea smiles.

if anyone has any info on them lemme know.

also if anyone by some miracle knows how to contact jeff barry or ellie greenwich, i'd give you my big toe or something if you want it.



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