Sunday, March 21, 2004

two cutest things last week:

i was working in my garden and i saw two ladybugs getting romantic. the boy was much smaller than the girl.

that day i also fed my dog an orange from my tree, by hand. he gets a really serious look when he's eating something important, and he makes snuffling noises.

also, there's a mean terribly depressed dog next door who always barks, but i have been trying to make friends with her. today was the first day she let me put my hand through the fence and pet her. she has stopped barking at me entirely and she has even started wagging her tail. i can't tell you what this means to me.

the thing with dogs is, unlike people, it takes very little to entertain or cheer them--almost nothing. but if you don't give them that teeny-tiny bit of attention they are utterly destroyed.

dogs are mirrors of their owners to a degree. i always feel proud when sloopy licks some UPS guy's shoes, because it means i've been loving him enough.

dogs are teaching me some things about life, i mean it.

anyway i got to go now.


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