Thursday, March 11, 2004


I dreamed this morning about "The Love Below." I dreamed about "Prototype" and talking to God. It's taken me a while to really understand it. What I understand about it now is that it's done the thing good art has to do to become important: It's all about Love. I'm sorry to be laying down rules about the creation of art and music but I have this feeling the difference between talent and greatness is love. Which is why Tupac is greater than Eminem. He's got the Love. And I don't mean love in a sentimental sense, either. I mean it spiritual-like, fierce flaming and truthful.

I'm still sick, so if anyone knows a great general practitioner in Hollywood or somewhere on the east side, let me know. I am getting bored and I need to get into the garden and get to the gym and get back to my life. This trip to the distant galaxy of snot was ok but gimme a break.



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