Monday, March 15, 2004

hi freaks.

If I manage to wake up in time, I'm going to be on a conservative talk radio morning show tomorrow in San Antonio, home to Clear Channel. The station is a CBS affiliate, though. I wonder what it's like to work for Viacom in a Clear Channel town.

I have never been on a conservative show before. They said they liked an article I wrote a couple weeks ago in the LA Weekly on Howard Stern. I am surprised. I thought it was sort of dorky, myself. Maybe they're ambushing me.

I am a "conservative" in the sense that I hold personal freedom very, very dear. To me, personal freedoms are the canary in the coalmine of democracy, and I fear Big Government's encroachment into these freedoms. These would include the freedom to listen to crazy radio commentators while running errands; the freedom to wear a pony tail while balding in front; the freedom to march in whatever kind of political rally you want; the freedom to choose when and how to die; the freedom to responsibly own a gun; the freedom to choose when to have a child; the freedom to marry a consenting adult of whatever sex; and, of course, the freedom to rock at all times. That latter one is the main one I'm concerned with now, since radio consolidation has seriously damaged my freedom to rock at all times.

I am "liberal" in the sense that I also understand certain personal freedoms, ultimately, can only be defended and promoted by government and courts. These freedoms, which I believe to be American birthrights, include the right to education and the right to health care--and the right to rock at all times. Some people think national health care equals socialism. I wonder, is that what people said before the Post Office was invented? Or the library system? Or the public school system? Or the fire and police departments?

(I know, the post office pre-dates socialism. I'm just yakking.)

Look, I'm not a political writer. I'd much rather talk about the MC5. Bye.

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