Thursday, November 21, 2002

Hi Big Toe:

Sorry, I'm feeling gross this morning. Jake, my roommate, just told me that John Poindexter is the head of the sort-of secret Homeland Security deal wherein supposedly every American is going to have a National Security file that will keep track of our every trackable move. This reminds me of the stuff they were trying to plan during the Iran-Contra thing, potential camps where they could herd political dissidents.

This Poindexter guy looks like a bag of trouble. (As Howard Stern said this morning. He used the phrase "she looks like a bag of trouble." I think I like him after all. I am going to start using this phrase and pretending I made it up, if that's OK with you.)

"Poindexter" was our name in grade school for nerds.

This joker, this "president," needs to be taken out and I want to know why the lardass "Democrats" are such cowards. Fuck all of you, every one of you would allow this thing, and who voted to invade Iraq.

My friend Lydia is 89 years old, and she's been active in the ACLU for decades. You see, she was blacklisted, and she lost her livelihood. She was a pianist and composer for film. Lydia always says that McCarthyism could come back, and I'm always saying, no, it couldn't, that's ridiculous.

But now I think maybe something similar could find a way to thrive today, if we let it.

What should we do?

Anyway, on another subject: Chuck, sorry for being such a crab before. I was in "a mood." But I didn't mean to actually be crabby.

Ain't nothing but love up in this bitch, you know.



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