Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Hi Food:

So enough with the Central European history, Chamberlain, Chambermaid, Churchill and Churchpew and all the rest. It is now time to talk about Chuck. Chuck hooked me up with the fancy Comments deal, where you can tell me your secrets and yell. Since Chuck showed me how to get Comments, this site has become 300 percent more interactive. Before, you could only throw cheese at the screen.

Go dig Chuck's blog.

My dad is in the next room, the bathroom, talking to the plumber about computers. The plumber has a thick Minnesota "youbet" (you know: the Minnesota version of a "drawl") and they've moved in ten seconds from talking about how much they hate computers to how much they hate the government. I think my dad was on thin ice just now when he said, "They hate big government except when it wants to go to war in Iraq" or something. My dad counts on the liberal skepticism of the working man, especially in Minnesota, home of Paul Wellstone, master of transforming liberalism to populism (as the LA Weekly noted).

Anyway. So. Ever since Wellstone's deal (his death, if you must know, but fuck it, i have a right to live in denial, so screw you, asshole), I have been making a mental list of all that is Good in my daily life, so that I might celebrate and enjoy it now, while I have it, and not just grieve it when it is gone.

Unfortunately I am brain-dead and starved and cannot remember the whole list right now. So maybe next time. And then you can add to the list on the Comments deal. All I remember right now is MOJO Magazine, the White Stripes, KXLU, Breakfast With the Beatles, and I can't remember what else.

Last night I had a fancy-ass dinner for free, courtesy of City Pages, because their hilarious and wonderful restaurant critic, Dara Moskowitz, took me out to dinner. It felt very grown-up. We're two "career girls" with credit cards and really sexy, exciting things to talk about, and incredible gossip that could ruin careers and bring empires toppling.

Haw haw. Anyway, what she said that stuck deep was that, in life, the key to real strength is exposing one's vulnerability. If you can go through life kind of vulnerable, open (kind of like the "softened heart" thing I mentioned before), you build a kind of really solid strength that holds you stable. This is the secret that a lot of people (especially men, I'm afraid) don't get.

Anyway, I also met Dara's new BF, who is just as supercute as she said. Ah, Minneapolis.



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