Sunday, November 10, 2002

Hi, Tender Vittles:

I'm in Minneapolis. I'm here on a "Top-Secret" mission I can't discuss. I mean, I could, but then I'd have to kill you.

It's 35 degrees or something.

I guess G. Keillor got a lot of shit for that essay.

People are so goddamn touchy.

Even my dad was upset and I told him, You're just jealous. He said, That is an "ad homonem" (sp?) insult. I'm all, whuh? He says, below the belt.

Men are really sensitive about jealousy. They loathe the thought that they could possibly be jealous of another man, and even more, they despise the thought that their jealousy might be completely transparent to a woman.

So anyway I'll be here for like nine days or something. I am hoping to have something rock and sexy to report by the end of the trip. I went to a pretty sexy wedding last night in downtown L.A. for the gorgeous Halle Pickering, a.k.a. Honey Corday (of Velvet Hammer burlesque fame) and her man, Andy Bialk. I have to say, there were tons of cute guys there. Which is always a happy surprise.

The wedding was also extremely emotional for all of us, for two reasons:

1. They are super crazy in love with each other, which is always inpsiring and wild to witness.

2. Halle's folks are no longer alive and I wished they could have been there in the flesh to see how beautiful and strong, and happy, their daughter is. I never knew Halle's mom, but her dad was a great man. He drove the most insane cars, including an old UPS truck.

Anyway. At the party I also met a lady named Kim, who was responsible for "LA Dee Dah" in LA Weekly back in the day. LA Dee Dah was the nightlife gossip column back during "the scene." You know, when there were all these big competing dance clubs and punk clubs and, oh, just everything. I found out why she always mentioned the Chili Peppers so much, especially Anthony: They were roommates. Ah, journalism. Anyway, it was neat to connect with a real old-school scenester journo.

My old junior high GFs were all there, and we're all as exotically damaged as ever. I mean, OK. Halle finally got married. But out of me, Halle, Elexa, Vanessa, and Samantha, I don't think one of us has a job. Not a real nine to five. As mentioned, Elexa's a belly dancer/actress, Samantha's an actress, Vanessa's an actress/masseuse, Halle's a burlesque lady/actress, and I'm a writer. I don't know how I managed to miss the "actress"-suffix. I guess my parents had something to do with that. I don't know if any of us would be friends now if not for our shared history. But it tickles me (as my mom would say) that we can get together every six months or whatever and understand each other in a way that nobody else does.



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