Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Look, it's all my fault. Because I was not loving enough, and because I was not smart enough, and also because I was too apathetic, the Democrats lost the Senate. I would apologize but it would be an insult to you. It could never convey the depth of my regret.

But there's a bright side to all this.

1. The Democratic Party is lame and has lost sight of its purpose, and this may be a good wake-up call.

2. The voting results don't mean we live in a country of right-wing idiots. The Green Party has divided lefties somewhat.

3. Their majority isn't that great in the Senate. Maybe one of their guys will die bizarrely just before a close and crucial vote.

4. I feel dirty saying that, ew. I don't want anyone to die. I just hate it that it's only good guys who ever die mysteriously or are assassinated.

5. I am very proud of California! We voted for schools, for clean water, for all kinds of good stuff. The greens took a significant chunk of votes from Davis too. We are not a state of idiots.

6. I think that's about it for the "silver lining" deal.

7. Oh yeah, I forgot: My parents recently got Irish citizenship, and if we go to war, they're going to move to Ireland for a while, and you know what that means: House party! Haw haw. Actually, it means that I can go visit them and drink Irish coffee all day.



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