Friday, November 15, 2002

Hi Goober Grape:

Can you even believe how many ridiculous names they come up with for foods?

It's a cornucopia of weirdness.

So I am to'lly procrastinating. I should come up with an abbreviation for procrastination. I am to'lly 'nating. Yeah. How about that, I am tolly 'nating.

So anyway, I'm 'nating on a couple articles and so this'll be way short. In order to get inspired creatively I stopped by Dulono's pizza at Lake and Lyndale for 45 minutes to meet my friend John and drink Summit on tap and catch up and talk a little about 'Stone.Yeah, let's abbreviate evything tonight. So me and John talked about Stone, which was the sort of thing I need a lil more of. Being here I need to sort of share a little of how people feel about Stone, and are dealing, and dealt. People are so amazingly flexible; they can get over things so quickly--or appear to, rather. I mean, my parents and lots of people still have their plain green "Wellstone!" signs out on the front fence (it never changed from 1990 to today), draped in black ribbons now--and a lot of people have Mondale signs, but people aren't in shock anymore. John told me that when it happened, day light savings was just ending and it had just gotten really cold, and it was an excruciating two weeks. Although, being a classic Minnesotan, he just said, "It was pretty hard."

People here understand about understatement. I think it helped my writing a ton to live here, because my Californian enthusiasm/hyperbole was curbed, and I learned about the concept of saying stuff by not saying it.

At Dulono's Pizza, they have live bluegrass on the weekends. That blasted bluegrass. It's the new hip-hop or something.

The crowd was wildly mixed among ages and subcultures. I have to say, Minneapolis has a sick percentage of cute rock boys.

The thing about LA is, there's tons of cute rock boys, but they are incredibly screwed up in the head about girls. They are really, really scared and weird. Plus, because of the culture of the entertainment industry, they halfway subconscously think all women are idiots. And it's true that there are many awful, stupid women in H-wood. Plus, in Hollywood, beauty is nothing--incredibly hot girls are a dime a dozen, so looks won't get you all that far, even with assholes.

So basically most cute rock boys that I meet act like they couldn't even be bothered. They so don't give a shit. Now, whenever I meet a boy who's from the Midwest--Kansas, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin--I get so happy and excited.

I want to marry a Midwestern boy.

Gawd, I hafta go already.

Oh yeah, by the way: I couldn't make it to the GnR show at the Target Center Thursday night because I was busy working on my Top Secret Mission. Sorry. Somehow I don't feel the slightest regret about that. It's a historical curiosity at this point. The future lies elsewhere.



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