Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Hi June Bugs

My archives are gone. It may be permanent. And I will have to learn to let go and to start printing out this shit.

A certain jumpy, blue-haired funk-rock bassist told me that he was called in before he was famous and rich to do some session work on a song that would be called "Bust A Move." (He was really poor at the time, actually, selling his possessions to feed his baby daughter.) All he had to work with was the rap itself. Maybe a beat. There was no melody, nothing. So he came up with the bass line on the spot. This bass line made the song, as anyone who knows the song knows. The bass line is the heart, the zang, and the zazz of the song. The producers built the rest of the song from there: the guitars, the backup vocals, everything.

He got paid 200 bucks. The song went on to sell millions, and he got 200 bucks. Period.

His friends told him he should sue, but he was like, I'm not gonna fucking sue somebody about one bassline. There's plenty more where that came from.

This is the appropriate attitude to have toward one's work. Don't fret over lost work. There's plenty more where that came from!



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