Tuesday, February 18, 2003

All Right, Already!

People! Can we get it together? Do I have to give you the business yet again?

If I've told you once I've told you I don't know how many times, the shorts go on under the pants; the shoes over the socks. And, for god's sake, it's pantyhose under the skirt.

I mean, I'm really trying not to be a bitch, but you make it hard sometimes.

Just think of it like a pie: soft inside, crunchy outside. If it's crunchy, put it on last.

So I'm back, sort of, from the mines.

The big news for today is I'm really starting to get "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground" on guitar. It's a perfect song for someone at my level, because it's got rad dumb power chords, but then it's also got these delicate, mildly challenging plucky bits in the middle ("hammer on/hammer off," as Axel says). Like I said, crunchy outside, chewy inside.

Just like a man.

Women are the opposite.

Soft outside, crunchy inside.

I'm sorta bummed about that long political speech here on my blog because it's caused a barrier to the whole crying comments thing going on down below, which is way fresh and "happening."


If you write a happyface in the comments, it makes a little yellow happyface automatically.

Just a tip, yo.

I'm drinking a much needed beer right about now.

Valentine's day turned out pretty pretty for me. My goddess Emmanuelle dropped by unannounced to give me flowers! It was so moving it got all teary and happy. Then I got a couple heartfelt emails and phone calls from good friends and it was all good. That night I stayed up all night with Emmanuelle and our friend Ken, listening to music and talking. Ken and I bonded over George Michael's "Listen Without Prejudice."

He's the best, and "Listen Without Prejudice" is brilliant.

Yikes. Whatever "it" is, I'm out of it.

Got to get back in it.

sparkle motion,


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