Thursday, February 27, 2003

I Sing the Body Electric:

Still all bummed out and shit, but not in a horrible way. I'm looking for other people's remedies for mild depression. Stuff like "Gym + Coffee." Or "Altoids + Guitar." "Jonathan Richman + Housecleaning." You get the gist. Right now I'm going to try "Steve Martin records + Housecleaning."

Is anybody else loving Mister Rogers today like I am? I am loving him. I think he may be one of the most incredible people of the world.

If we had to send a sample capsule of the Earth's glories to another planet, I'm afraid I would have to send Mr. Rogers.

Guitar is a bit of a tonic to the ragged soul. Last night i learned "Say It Ain't So." Have you ever really listened to the lyrics? I never did until I had to do a story on Weezer, and then I figured out that the song is about alcoholism. Specifically, about having an alcoholic father (and stepfather). I think that's why the kids absolutely lose their shit whenever Weezer plays this song, singing so loud you can't hear Rivers if you're down on the floor. Alcoholism is the secret epidemic that almost everyone knows about in a bad, family way. Supposedly nobody in my family/extended family is alcoholic, but I just don't buy it. A bunch of weird Irish artsy/literate types? Gimme a break. We've got melancholy programmed into our DNA.

But then, I think there's a lot of secrets in my family tree.

Right then, time to turn on and be not alone, or something.



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