Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Hey Lip Smackers:

First of all, I am unspeechified, I mean, I am dumbified, by your unspeakably rad comments about crying. PLEASE keep them coming, and don't be afraid to add more even if you already wrote one.

Like, for example, I already mentioned crying at the end of "Barbershop," right? But I also cried last week when I was playing guitar. I was listening to Prince's cover of "One Of Us" ("what if God was one of us?"), and I lost it! I was thinking about the Golden Rule, the family of humanity, and the message of Jesus: love each other. (OK, I was thinking about war, too.) I get terribly sentimental thinking about brotherly love.

I included that song in an article I wrote last week for Valentine's Day, for City Pages. It's about love songs for people who aren't in love. It's not a very good article, but what the hell. I had to write it in one day.

I also wrote another not-very-good article for the L.A. Weekly about amateur songwriters and their valiant efforts to save their own lives and sanity with music.

Here is an article for Valentine's Day by my friend Michaelangelo, a list of 69 years of love songs. I am so happy he included the Flamingoes' "I Only Have Eyes For You," the perfect love song.



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