Sunday, February 02, 2003

Greetings, Space Pirates!

Too lazy to link to the story, but apparently the RIAA (Retarded Idiots And Asses) are still freakin that the spirit of Napster, like the spirits of punk rock and democracy, will not die. So now they're going to go after individual file-sharers, or shall I call them pirates (they sure couldn't have come up with a sexier name). They sued Verizon to reveal the name of one particularly busy pirate.

It's so funny! I love it. They will never, ever be able to stop file-sharing. The Pandora's box is open. They're so retarded, they don't even understand that people still want to go to the record store and buy records; this is an American pop-cultural sacrament like going to the movies--they just can't afford it. And if the next generation in fact doesn't have any instinct for record stores, the RIAA have themselves and their own greed to blame.

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