Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Lords of the Dance:

Do you ever get depressed? Sure you do. I know you do. Sometimes I get blue, too. Like today. I was blue, and I thought, I will take my hair down from this clip thing and shake it, and then eat two Altoids. If I eat two Altoids at the same time, I know I'll feel better. I know it'll feel like a new beginning.

It's goofy how little shit can trigger feelings.

There's lots of little remedies for mild depression. Playing guitar is a time-consuming but sure-fire remedy. Cleaning and doing laundry is huge. Coffee is a miracle. The gym. Coffee and the gym is so powerful it can trigger a manic upswing, so look out. Those manic upswings always drop you hard.

What I have learned last night and today is that when I'm in a crap mood I end up having a much better time going out. Like last night: Went with Axel to Spaceland. We were split up for much of the time, because people always think he's my goddamn boyfriend, and I get no play. So I was alone and feeling shitty and it rocked.

more later.


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