Friday, February 21, 2003

Hi, Famous Monsters of Filmland:

What's up? Jim is here, my ex-mentor, and he's going to say something to you now. I don't know what about.

Here's Jim: I know what you all want to know: what does kate;s physical blogspace look like? well, i don't want to give it all away, but there's framed butterflies all over the place and a huge bong and melted vinyl ash trays and pens and pencils and, mostly, crayons. instead of stereo speakers, she[;s got marshall stacks and she sits atop one as she blogs.. weirdest thing is, she sits about eight feet away from the screen, feet up, keyboard akimbo.

we went to visit my first journalism hero yesterday: forrest j. ackerman, founder, editor, publisher of "famous monsters of filmland." totally fucking thrilling. we saw bela lugosi's cape from dracula and boris karloff's ring from the mummy and the brontosaurus that chased the guyup the tree in king kong. we had our pictures taken with forry, and he patted kate on the but. he's 86 and still kicking. here's kate for a more colorful entry:

Hello again. That was Jim. He wanted to see how the whole "blogging" "thing" happens.

I'm happy because today we're going to buy a portable turntable for me so I can finally listen to the records I've been collecting for three years: Cameo's "Word Up," "Xanadu," the Hello People's "Bricks," and my most recent acquisition (courtesy Ken B.), Nick Lowe's "Pure Pop for Now People."


Also last night I finally met J. Go, who is sooo sweet.

word up.

peace out, yo.


and jim!

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