Boy, do I feel like a jerk. A really good local album came out and I didn't even make a peep about it. It's by The Blondes, and it's fun power-pop rock with lots of great guitars and harmonies, and it is summery and fun and sexy, and most of all, it's SOLID. I mean, it's a real album, you know? It's called "Swedish Heat," for some reason, which is kind of like a Swedish band calling themselves Sahara Hotnights. Oh well.

The self-appointed president of my imaginary fanclub asked what my top five albums are and I flubbed a list of 20 and got confused and gave up...

I've tried again. Here they are at this very moment, subject to change forever, not really in order.

1. T Rex, "Electric Warrior"

2. The Zombies, "Oddessey and Oracle"

3. led zeppelin, "HOuses of the Holy"

4. Stupid Gurl, "How She Boogalooed It"

5. Tsar's new album with no title

6. The Beatles, "Abbey Road"

My criteria are: Which record do I listen to the most? (zombies) which are bottomless rabbit holes? (Zeppelin, beatles, zombies) which is dearest to my heart? (stupid gurl) which is going to be my new favorite album next year? (tsar) and which is pure magic? (T rex)


It's a strange Minnesota day here in Los Angeles. Dark, muggy, warm, rainy summer day. I have the lights on in my cottage because it's so dark.

I woke up in a rotten mood, thinking dreadful thoughts about evil things. Some days you just wake up wrong, and you feel capable of cruelty, and of saying things you've not said to people you're mad at. So I decided to eat some food and have coffee before making any phone calls. I have burned bridges with editors in the past in this mood, when for some reason I decided I'd better tell them the many ways their publications sucked. Oops! Even though I was right, nobody likes a Cassandra.

I am making coffee and about to transcribe an interview with the Calvin Klein underwear model.




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