Shim-Sham Pamela:

So I saw The Pirate Movie last night. (You have to call it The Pirate Movie. Or, A Pirate Movie.)

They should have called it Keef vs. Rob Zombie in the Cavern of Endless, Pointless Swordfights.

I mean, what's the point of dueling someone who's got a curse of immortality? I just don't get it.

That's like trying to read that really long novel by that guy (Infinite Chest?) in the middle of a Beatles concert. A) You'll never succeed, 2) You'll wonder later, what was I thinking?

But hey, it's a mooby, right, and who am I to try and understand.

So here's the little irony of the movie: It's definitely the kind of movie that should be seen on the big screen, but it's also definitely the kind of movie you should wait until it's $2.50 at Video Hut to see.

It's really slow. Like, Boris Karloff as the Mummy-slow. Plus, it's really long. The most exciting thing for me was the totally hot guy that was sitting next to me. I should have just jumped him. Ah, opportunity, missed again.

It's too hot to eat. have you noticed? Too hot and too muggy. All I ate today was corn on the cob and Gatorade. Sloopy will only eat apples and corn. Too hot!

My White Stripes ticket arrived today. That concert better be good, because i paid 50 bucks for a nosebleed seat.

I have to actually work today, and it's already five. Shit. I ran errands all day and still haven't started working. That's what you get when you get up at 11. Nuts.



PS: Here's some additions to the Running List of Things That Are Good:

1. Tangerine Altoid Sours (try and eat just one!)

2. The New Beverly Cinema

3. St. Vincent De Paul thrift store


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