Hey hey Intergalactic Robot Peacekeepers

I found out last night that the Blondes record doesn't come out till August 15. That's cool. So I'm not behind the curve. rock on.

I just watched "The Day the Earth Stood Still." It's so great. Very hippie, in its way. Very Jewish, even a little bit commie, in a good way. Can't go into detail because I have a lot of work to finish before like 6 p.m.

But one more thing. I have another handy invention for the ladies (or the gentlemen)--who might think I'm crazy. Oh well.

If you have a frown crease between your eyebrows from thinking so damn hard all the time, plus staring into the sun trying to decipher the mystery of light, have I got a product for you. No injections or nothing. It's the silliest thing but I like it. Whenever I feel like I've been frowning too much I use this product at night and in the morning my frown lines are all gone.

It's called Frownies.

I do all my frowning in my sleep so this is the best time to use it. I find that it makes me feel more relaxed, too.

Oh yeah, and one more beauty tip for your skin. If you take Udo's Perfected Oil Blend and Udo's Choice powder, not only will you be getting all the weird omega-gamma-ramma-lammadingdong super fancy oils you're supposed to get, plus lots of weird enzymes and vitamins and stuff, but your skin will go all soft and dewy. I'm not kidding. They're expensive but I think they're the healthiest thing in my diet. Like even when I eat crap all day long and smoke, I can take them in some juice and feel like I'm not going to get sick. You can get them at Whole Foods.

The End.




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