OMG: I totally forgot to tell you about the amazing experience I had Tuesday night. I went over to Kim's to watch a Teevo of Drew Barrymore being interviewed on the Actors' Studio show. But first we watched the most incredible show I've seen in years: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I am in love.

I'm sure you've heard all about it, but basically, five gay men take a totally schlubby straight guy and give him a complete life-makeover: His home, his wardrobe, hair/face, entertaining, everything. They teach him how to be a host and how to look great. They take years off people's appearance without making them look gay. It's lovely. It's not like the scary religious retards think: They don't want to make straight people gay; they just want to make them better straight people! They are Fairy Godmothers!

I have for a while maintained that the essential greatness of Femininity is the Makeover Principle: Many women understand about the regenerative, spiritual quality of getting a makeover. (Which is why so many chick-flicks revolve around makeovers--Grease, Clueless, Pretty In Pink, Never Been Kissed--like, every Drew Barrymore movie, etc.) But dummy me, I never really realized this was totally a gay thing too. Anyway, so now this, maybe the most powerful aspect of the Yin side of the Force, is being celebrated in all its fabulousness on TV. I guess the show got really smashing ratings.

It's about time that there was a show where gay people taught others how to do it right. You know: How to live graciously, with style, kind to yourself, tough with yourself.

I want a gay makeover now. I have a lot of straight man in me, I think, judging by the state of my cottage today.

I can't believe how far we have come in just ten years. I can't believe how far we have come in forty years. Can you imagine if you could take a time machine back to the Stonewall bar, right before the painful important riot, and tell the guys there that one day in forty years there would be popular TV shows about gay men being fabulous?

But the show isn't about politics or any of that--it's terribly, wonderfully bourgeois and much more interested in throw blankets and olives than "gay rights." It assumed gay rights and moves on to the subject at hand: life itself.

i got to run....




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