So I like a song called "Frontin'" by someone named Pharrel and it has Jay-Z rapping on it. It's sooooo classic. For anyone who grew up hearing disco, Curtis Mayfield etc. it's real sweet. It's even got harmonies the Beach Boys would like. Plus it's got funny romantic lyrics. It's so sweet and yummy like candy making the colors in my house brighter. Then they mixed it with a really crazy song by Jay-Z that borrowed from Rick James (Give It To Me) and had hilarious lyrics that I found truly inspiring. There's a way to write about pop culture without getting bogged down in it. That's what I want to do.

I am listening to hip-hop radio today. I think I like the Beat better than Power 106. I am not into hip-hop at all. I am doing it because I have to for my top-secret project.

Sorry for the little break. I think I wrote so much on the blog last week that I ran out of anything to say. Plus I have been busy with painting my house and unpacking, gardening, couch-hunting, working, and having fun that I have been kind of stressed. When I get stressed I can't blog. I feel like, shit, there's so much to talk about, so much going on, and so much I can't tell you.

My friend stoked me Saturday night with a cd of The Idle Race's complete recordings. The Idle Race was Jeff Lynne's band before the Move, before ELO. It's pretty cool. Tremendous Kinks influence, which isn't so evident in ELO, of course.

I'm happy and so full of love it scares me.

I better go eat. If I don't eat I'll get even more scared and confused and sad-happy.




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