oy, mate

wanna thank readers who backed up my Irish-Beatles theory and provided kool links. I wonder what the Gallaghers think about the issue? I'm sure they'd agree, them being micks and all too. Now, I should specify right about now: I really mean Lennon/McCartney most of all when I talk about Irishness. My theory is that Ringo is Jewish (which wouldn't be so crazy according to one of the links) and Harrison.... no theory there much. looks French to me.

Heard the new Rooney on KROQ yesterday and it was great. Loved it. (I know it's been out ages but hey I'm retarded.) America's cutest band also makes good music. It's weird when a band with all the creepy Hollywood connections and machinery, perfect coiffs and artificially hip wardrobes are actually not horrible.

Speaking of good local cute boys with new records, Patrick Park's new LP came out Tuesday. He's the one I wrote about a while back because when I first saw him play at the Hotel Cafe I cried tears of shock at how pretty. (The music, silly! He didn't look very good then at all.)

The record is called "Loneliness Knows My Name" (bummer, dude!) and it's on Hollywood.

That's all good, but, you know, Hollywood Records is going to get really exciting when Tsar's kray-zee new record comes out. But that's not for like ten years or something so if you wanna hear it you'll have to bribe me for a burn... I don't accept most major credit cards but I do accept:

1. Sephora gift certificates

2. Vicodin

3. cash

4. Sanrio gift certificates




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