Hi Monkey Von Hippiefang:

I don't mind if you hate me but I would appreciate some sympathy and patience. I finally today got the last of my crap into my new place and did the whole last-day-sitting-on-the-floor-of-my-empty-old-apartment-crying thing. Maybe men don't do that, but I was feeling very sentimental about the old place. It's great to have a new place, but the old one saw me through difficult times, and then through happy times, and I feel grateful for its walls. Anyway I have 27 things to do today and I really am still overwhelmed with EVERYTHING and everything--work, moving in, errands (endless erands), dog-saving, life, eating and partying. Speaking of which: Tsar is playing again Saturday night at Spaceland and it should be incredible. Just trust me on this one. The band has an amazing album in the can now and lots of reasons to be happy: Solomon just discovered a cache of diamonds and other precious gems under his house; Coulter is kicking ass on the air-hockey circuit; Dan is now learning his seventh ancient language; and Whalen somehow can't stop getting cuter.

I have to go do 45 things now.




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