FCC Update: I just got this email today form MoveOn, the awesome organization that made it easy for me to get pissed off and scream a little--and be heard, apparently.

"75 television executives from network affiliates descended on Capitol Hill yesterday to prevent the House appropriations committee from voting for a partial rollback of the FCC rule changes.

Because of you and thousands of others, Congress did something unprecedented yesterday. Republican committee member Frank Wolf urged his colleagues to vote their conscience, and stand up to the lobbyists. And they did just that, delivering a 40-25 vote against big media.

Conservative columnist William Safire wrote in today's New York Times: 'Here is what made this happen: Take the force of right-wingers upholding community standards who are determined to defend local control of the public airwaves; combine that with the force of lefties eager to maintain diversity of opinion in local media; add in the independent voters' mistrust of media manipulation; then let all these people have access to their representatives by e-mail and fax, and voila! Congress awakens to slap down the power grab.'"

I guess by right-wingers he means the NRA. Yeah, this issue has benefitted from the kind of multipartisan coalition-building that we desperately need these days, on every issue, to protect our embattled civil liberties. I like MoveOn because they're NOT Democrats. I hate the Democrats. OK bye love.


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