Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Happy Tuesday, Pinwheel Larry:

I mean wednesday?

I have to tell you, I am working on a blog review of Liz Phair's new album. But it's a review with a twist: I am going to review the record, which just came out, without having heard it. I will base my opinions on hearsay, conjecture and prejudice.

Then, after having reviewed it, I will buy it and listen to it. And then see if I need to rewrite the review. (The problem is that I am completely broke at the moment. Maybe I can borrow it?)

I will also write a similar capsule review of the new Jewel album, but it's unlikely I will buy that one afterward.

I already started writing it, which is why today's entry will be short and lame. Sorry!

I am selling a pine four-drawer filing cabinet, if anyone needs one--it's cool. It's a normal filing cabinet but nice wood. I am asking 25 buck obo. Also I am selling a big motherfucking beautiful art deco armoire that's made of burl walnut. I am asking $800 obo on that. If you buy it I will help out on delivery. I have pics too. I am also thinking of selling a CD rack that holds like 400+ cds---15 bucks or so?

I really have to go the cottage now. Sorry so lame, keep the faith. Go read Tony's blog, where he has a cool entry about rock and riding the bus in L.A. I feel you, Tony.



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