Monday, June 02, 2003

PS: I didn't mention the FCC thing because it's such a crashing bore. The NRA and the National Organization for Women and Catholic groups and civil rights groups can all oppose deregulation, and it doesn't matter to Michael Powell. Michael Powell understands corporate money, power and cronyism. He's a disgrace to democracy. And an insult to the people on whose shoulders he stands. What is the point of being smart, powerful and black if you're just sucking the Man's dick?

It's like all the women and neo-Uncle Toms in the Bush administration. Is this what MLK had in mind? Is this freedom? Being a puppet? Selling out the last vestiges of a free press and minority media?

I'm not saying every woman and person of color has to be Lefty, either. This particular issue goes way deeper than contemporary political lines. That's why it's important for the Left to get in bed with all the right-wingers, gun-toters, Jesus freaks and anyone else they can, to fight this bullshit. Stop making this a Liberal issue. It's not a Liberal issue. It's a democracy issue.

O, I'm fired up, I tell you!

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