Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Rocky Mountain, Hi!

I think some fancy important people are reading my blog to see if I'm any good and if I have any readers. So I have a super idea. Why don't you, if you're able, write some comment about this. You know, like, "Kate is all right, and you should give her a bunch of cash to write something amazing, and I will totally read it." Or if you want, write something really vitriolic and hate-filled, so it's obvious you're somehow captivated and threatened. Either way is fine.

Since it's been a year now since the blog started, I decided to do a greatest-hits compilation for your pleasure or embarrassment.

1. Harry Potter meets Cosmic Slop in the ELO Cave

2. Immaculate Heart is Crayzee!

3. Janes' Addiction is Sooo Great!

4. Clara Schumann meets Britney Spears, Or: Fuck, I used to be a good blogger.



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