Friday, June 27, 2003

Hi Ladybugs!

I am still on vacation but I've been missing you, so let's consider this a postcard. Having fun! Wish You Were Here!

I really am having fun, though. It finally feels like summer here, and it started yesterday. I christened my new house by staying up all night writing, with the front and back doors wide open and the birds singing all night. I felt like a fucked-up Snow White.

I have ten things to do between now and nine p.m., so I had better run. I will be back from vacation next week, and then we can discuss my next project after Badfinger. You see, a certain someone special has been bugging me that I need to get over Badfinger and contend, finally, with the Raspberries. I'm all, yo, I know the Raspberries bitch. I even have some mp3s of them, which is saying something, since I am mp3-tarded. I told him how I played the Raspberries on my visit to Cosmic Slop, too, but he didn't seem much impressed with my choice. (It's the one that goes "don't wanna say goodbye! Don't wanna let you see my cry! Still i don't want you to live a lie-high-high!")

I'm all, well have you ever listened specifically to the drums on Badfinger? He's all no.

See, I don't have time for that. You can't consider your work done until you've come to terms with the secret superhero of a band. If you've gone there, and really gotten down into the very core of the best secret part of the band, and you still don't think they're that good, then fine.

On a new topic: I happen to know a secret superhero songwriter who writes songs that are like living maps that take you to a magic land inside of time, or outside of time--someplace that's always right there, and you feel it, but you don't always know how to get there. His name is Mark Antonides, and he is playing this Saturday at the Kibbitz Room at Canter's. I will be there with a flower in my hair.

Mark has been in hiding, musically, for years. He is a complicated guy. He is utterly, wildly brilliant. And I mean that in complete earnest. The only reason you have never heard of him is because, like so many people with that kind of gift, he is insane.

And now I got to go. Love n stuff,


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