Wednesday, June 18, 2003

yo fred

still packing and moving and whatnot, so this will be a very typical blog-type entry, like a normal blog. sooooo broke it's not even funny. last night instead of going to the rodney premiere i unpacked and bonded with my new neighbor/landlords (we had frozen pizza) and then lady k took me out for a congratulatory whiskey for the cover piece, except i wanted beer instead of whiskey, and we had a grand time at my current fave bar, the roost. except now you can't smoke inside. which is probably good since i want to smoke less anyway. it was such fun hanging out with K. i don't know. we spanned the landscape from bikini troubles to the way love exists within/outside of linear time, so basically, we covered all my favorite subjects.

a girl came and bought and removed my filing cabinet. my house is disappearing around me like a fading magic photograph. it's about time.

i wish i could tell you more things but i just really can't.

love n stuff


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