Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Oh Let the Sun Beat Down Upon My Face:

Sorry so long. Let's see... busy weekend of communing with my peoples. Friday night I rented The Matrix w/my friend. We had gone to see Matrix II a couple weeks ago, but it was so confusing we decided to rent the first one and then go see the second one again. It was rockin. So many little details I'd missed the first time. Kickass motherfucking movie, man.

Saturday was an all-day, all-night BBQ surprise B-day for Jeff Solomon, bassist in Tsar and all-around superman. I just found out from his special lady that he also bakes cornbread--on top of fixing computers, playing rock, singing falsetto harmonies, tiling floors, doing construction and making babies... the list goes on and on. I guess he's what you could call a renaissance man.

Tony had a big photo essay about it. He asked me if I liked it. I said there weren't enough pictures of me. Just a lot of pictures of the same people I see all the time. Then I went back and looked at it again, and I realized: Holy Shit! Those poeple are the loves of my life! These are my tribesmen, my heroes, my family, my teachers. So what if they're the same people I see every day? Isn't that how it should be?


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