Thursday, June 05, 2003

Sweet magic fucky fucks:

I should sooo be in bed right now, but if I were in bed, I'd only be dreaming, and that's what I'm doing right now, so what's the difference?

I had suuuuch a good night!

One of the embarrassing things about me is that I don't own any Beatles or Led Zeppelin albums (they're all on hand-dubbed tapes from high school). Another thing is I don't own Pet Sounds. And no, I don't have any Sex Pistols. Another embarrassing thing is that I've neevr been the Rainbow Roon. And right about now, i judt want to say, Yes, I'm a little tipsy, and I don't have the energy to fix all my typos, so i think you better just decide it's OK. So.

I've never been to the Rainbow Room. Till tonight. My frined from Minneapolis played thjere. The back room is like a wood-lined ship.. you feel you're on a rickety pirate ship, and it rock.s . There's also a little loft, up some stairs, where everything is extra-tiny. the tables are teeny weeny, the ceiling is four feet high, everyhting's small. cept maybe the dirnks, ibet.

by the way, the rainbow room is sort of THE rock/heavy metal hangout on the sunset strip of ALL TIME>

so anyway, the crowd tonight was sup0er chilled out and normal and un-Holywood. I almost felt like we were all in mineapolis. people were even dancing to his terrilbe cover of fleetwood mac;s "You make loving fun." wow! an dthey were these gorgeos balck girls, dancing to it. it just was really god.

so at the end of the night i got bored and went up to the loft to sit there and absorvb the history, lore has it that's where led zep used to do coke. and when you're up ther, you can feel the coke in your eyes, you can also feel 10,000 lazy blow jobs warming your bum through the red vinyl. (like those heated seats in a volvo) then these two guys show up with dirnks, and light up smokes---VERY illegal, don'tcha know. so it turns out this one guy, craig, has been rnning the place for thirty years. thirty years, he said, and his job is 24/7. it was past midnight and he said "i'll be back here at nine." he also runs the whicky. i mean, the whisky. i didn't wannt to say it, but i bet his famnily hates him and his job, can you imagine being married to the guy who runs the rainbow room?

they told me about everyone coming in there--bowie, ozzy and everyone in between --He said Micky Dolenz comes in and i just about blew a valve, man., cuz i've been having a mickey thing lately, don't you know. I just heard an incredible monkees; song written and sung by Mickey on Breakfast with the beatles on sunday and it made me get them in a deeper way than ever before. (He also played care of cell 44" or whatever by the zombies which was awesome.)

They said you came on the perfect night when it's not so crowdy and cheesy. they said, you can rent the loft for 100 bucks--and 20 drink tickets, which is worth 100 bucks in itself--so i know where my next b-day's going to be!

can you imagine--hanging out in the led zep den of iniquity for basically no money--because if you get 10 friends, it's 10 bucks each and two free drinks--in essence, it's FREE!

then i drove home and dug badfinger on the drive, and this time what i got was the drumming. what HERO THAT DRUMMER IS! I really fucking grokked the phil spector influence, whcih i'd never heard before. "Baby Blue" is all based on the phil spector drum at the start of "Be My Baby"--that BUM-bum bum BUM-bum bum.

"i guess i got what i deserved!"

(and let's not forget the jingle bells!)

the heroism, the desire to be understood, to be heard, and maybe, someday, to be loved---it made me cry with joy and feeling. this band is alive.

Long live Badfinger!



PS: thank you to all the beautiful ones who wrote nie things about me., sorry i'm so drunk!

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