Friday, June 20, 2003

this time it's not my fault...

blogger was retarded for TWO DAYS and i couldn't reach you. could you feel me longing?

still, i haven't much to say because i am STILL moving... in fact, tomorrow is my big PUSH day. I tell you, moving is when you really find out who your friends are. i always knew it, but my big brother ben is really my friend. (no offense, ken, i know you have a bad back.)

i just read this quote in an email from the democratic party and thought you'd enjoy it:

"I guess if Ari had to rebel, being a Republican is better than being on drugs, but not by much." --Alan Fleischer, father of White House press secretary Ari Fleischer

Everything is leaving now. Pretty soon even the walnut whale (my armoire) will probably be gone, gone to some new home. this will be like a giant burp I have been needing to make for two years. Sorry to be disgusting.

speaking of bodily functions, though, i just got a new book in the mail called "the big bang"'s sexual manual. written by two megasuperbabes, Em and Lo. I think i read the whole thing yesterday in about an hour. it has some very funny one-liners such as, female ejaculation is the misunderstood Goth teen of the sex world. i am not sure what that means but that's ok.

i know we try and run a family blog here, and i am not generally open to discussing sex in specific terms. so let's just say that the book got me all excited all over again about the prospect of being young, healthy and unattached to any humdrum ho-hum boring old dude who never surprises me and never makes me see the stars behind the stars.

have you ever read "The Secret Garden"? It is my favorite book. i have a very secret gardeny feeling right now.



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