Sunday, June 22, 2003

Hi Jubilyjuicenfranken

I have to apologize on behalf of Blogger, the most retarded Blogger, for the disappearing archives. Blogger is so crazy that not only does it make all your archives disappear, but when you click on the help button pertaining to the problem, it says "Internal Server Error." How retarded can one crazy retard possibly be? They must be getting so many queries about the problem their server just exploded.

well anyway i better go anyway.

liam lynch just sent me a new fake song, a white stripes song. he goes, "stole your heart and a piece of pie!" i want to make a fake white stripes song!

maybe it would make me love them again. every time i think of them right now, i want to cry. how did it happen to my favorite favorite band?

that's a topic for another time, because I have to write two movie blurbs and then get packing to my new cottage, where i will spend the evening unpacking and moving in and making it my home. yesterday four L.A. saints helped me move, with trucks from two other lovelies, and it was amazing.



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