Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Blogger's all weird and cut off the end of the previous post, oops.

Like Tony said today, I need a lover who won't drive me crazy. I am crazy enough all on my own. Love is crazy enough. Sex is insane. It's all madness and I could use a little of what George Michael called Faith.

That's my mother's name. But we won't think about that right now. I saw a picture in Molding Scone magazine yesterday that made me puke. Fred Durst has a fucking Kurt Cobain tattoo on his chest. He's lifting his shirt and pointing at it, like he's Mr. Integrity, Mr. I Remember, Mr. Goodheart.

Just because you have a tattoo of someone does not mean you have absorbed any of their qualities through your skin. That would be like me getting a Lester Bangs tattoo on my ass. Actually, I bet he would love that. Maybe I should rethink this.

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