Sunday, May 25, 2003

Hold me Closer, Tiny Monkey:

I like this girl's blog. She lives in L.A. Her blog is a real but peculiarly non-self-indulgent look at being 19, female, and way too smart. She is a really fine writer, specially for 19. I don't wanna sound age-ist, but what makes a 19-year-old capable of great rock is what can make a 19-year-old insufferable as a writer. But not this girl.

I wonder how Drew Barrymore feels about dating someone so much younger than her. She doesn't seem to have the greatest judgment in men, but what the hell. How could you not date a Stroke if you had the chance? At least for a minute, just for your biography.

I have this fantasy of what their relationship must be like. A lot of phone calls, emails and planes, special telephone rings and maybe a secret necklace. Kind of like the Matrix II. I mean, Neo and Trinity have to spend a lot of time apart, since they're superheroes saving the human race and all. They can't just make out 24/7. But their time apart saving humanity makes their time together much more fun.

(so who sounds like the 19-year-old now?)

It would be just great to have a lover like that, where you both had your own thing going, and your time together was really special, not just empty habit or fear of solitude, and it didn't mess up your life's work.

It's really hard and really important to always be your own person, remember your agenda. For one thing, if you don't, it ruins your relationship.

I love you, Paul Wellstone.

Paul Wellstone and his wife Sheila were kind of like Neo and Trinity.



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