Monday, May 19, 2003

Hi Snogmaster!

I had a very rock weekend whose diamond-studded centerpiece was the show by Tsar at Spaceland, which was sold out! Kim had to wait in line during their set to get in. That sucked for her, because, ouch, it was the best Tsar show I've ever seen. And I've seen some Tsar shows. Their sound is still dirty but they're tight as fuck, and they've hit a whole new level of technical mastery that enables them to relax onstage a bit and sell it proper. (Did anyone dig Solomon's falsetto harmonies? Is there anything this man can't do?) Whalen is such a true rock star, and he seems to be letting it flow through him more freely. Do you dig. It's kind of like the Force. It's a beautiful thing to see.

I am way overdue on deadline, so bye.

Tony has some cool stuff about it.

Afterwards at the party I met Katie maybe Katherine, a fellow girl blogger, and hung out with Moxie, too. It felt wonderful to party and drink and take pictures with two other girl-bloggers. We have a special connection, even though we barely know each other.

I also drank some absinthe and stuff. I wanted Tony to let me play my portable record player, because I thought everyone needed to hear "I'M Alive," by E.L.O.:

I'm alive!

And the world shines for me today.

(It's from Xanadu). But Tony was worried about his neighbors. Oh well. I guess instead of listening to that song on Saturday night, we lived it.

xoxoxo me

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