Thursday, May 22, 2003

Hi, CrimeStoppers!

(I know that's a rerun but it's too good)

I interviewed Rodney Bingenheimer the other night. There's a movie coming out about his life, called "The Mayor of the Sunset Strip." It's a wonderful piece of rock history, of secret L.A. history, and of radio history. All rolled up into one chewy little nut goodie. (Studded with an endless parade of celebrities, of course.) The director is George Hickenlooper (of "Hearts of Darkness," and "Man From Elysian Fields" fame) and the producer is Chris Carter, of Dramarama/Breakfast With the Beatles fame.

Rodney helped launch the careers of bands from Nick Gilder to Oasis to the Strokes. (I interviewed him in his apt. and of all the gold records he has, the one for "Hot Child In the City" was the most exciting.)

The amount of money he has generated for Viacom and their predecessors is colossal. It's weird, because he lives in a little apartment in Hollywood. It's not fair. The problem is, his ear is too good for corporate radio. There's no room for really good ears like that to stretch out and do their thing anymore. Because ears like that take risks, and there's no margin for risk in post-deregulation corporate oligarchy. So Rodney gets midnight to three a.m. Sunday, and his show is packed with commercials.

Dig. Next week Congress will be back in their home districts, and there are going to be local meetings between we, the people, and them, the weirdos, to tell them that they suck if they support media deregulation. Click this link to find out more info on your local meeting. Some of them have not been finalized yet but it's a good link to have anyway.

I am very fucking psyched to go. And just think about the way cool people to meet.



PS: I just realized, my one-year blog birthday just passed and I didn't even notice. So now let me take a minute to thank you with every alveolus for reading my blog. And a very special, soft hug to Tonykins, my blog-baby daddy. Tony, you made my life happier and you did no harm, and you never asked for anything in return. Dude! Are you some kind of secret agent for the Magic Police?

PPS: I saw Le Matrix Deux Tuesday, and it felt good in more ways than I can tell you.

Note: The ending would seem to suggest that my theory (mentioned in past postings) will be supported in the last episode. I knew it!

And no, I didn't just ruin anything.

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